RPG Goddess (rpg_goddess) wrote in random_blab,
RPG Goddess

Are you bored? Want something to do?

You don't have to be bored any longer!!

How would you like to play a game like the sims where you build your own house and decorate it however you want (only it's free).

No? Well how about a game like roller coaster tycoon where you build your own amusement park and charge other players admission to get in (only it's free!)

Still not interested? How about a game with a real working economy, virtual stock market, inflation, banks that earn interest, ability to run your own store, a trading post, and shops to spend your in game money (and once again it's FREE)

How about a game that lets you design your very own online game!! that will be played and judged by MILLIONS of other users? Sounds exciting doesn't it?

Still not good enough for you? What about a virtual pet game similar to pokemon only the monsters are even CUTER? And of course it's free!

If thats still not enough to grab your attention. consider this. The site has over 4 million users from all different countries. It has well over 300 flash games you can play any time. work school home... you name it. if ever you're bored this site will do the trick.

Ontop of it all it gives you free webspace and file storage and email and messaging. What are you waiting for? Signup today! By visiting The site that will cure all your boredom!

The game is completely free and runs right from your browser. no downloads required!!! there are no pop ads or annoying banners. all advertising is intergrated into the game in the form of special offers and such.
There are SO many reasons why you should join, what are you doing still reading this? GO THERE NOW!
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